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The knowledge was assessed descriptively and you may analyses were performed using SPSS software

The knowledge was assessed descriptively and you may analyses were performed using SPSS software

This research is a collaboration between the NGO ONDa (Osservatorio Nazionale sulla salute della Donna), the fresh new mag Io Donna and also the Company out of Reproductive Health insurance and Research at the Globe Health Providers to get sense on route off delivery choice.

The participants was provided with obvious factual statements about the sort out-of the information and knowledge are compiled, the purpose wherein it absolutely was going to be used and you will the identity of your own company carrying the content. Participants you certainly will withdraw their consent at any time because of the declining in order to cooperate on the mobile phone interviews. It unknown viewpoint survey is presented in accordance with the criteria regarding moral carry out advised from the ICC/ESOMAR Code to possess public and you may general market trends . kissbrides.com look here The study are approved by the integrity? panel of College out of Florence.


This new questionnaire included 1000 feminine, 250 of these employed from the webpage of your own lady?s magazine Io Donna (246 thru sites and 4 thru snail mail) and you can 750 thanks to phone interview. Every members (53.1%) was indeed between twenty-five–thirty five years old, had second degree (58.6%) together with considering beginning to at least one kid (53.7%). Among the many 537 who’d before given birth, 207 (38.5%) had educated an effective CS and you may 87% of them women () replied that the decision to perform new CS was generated by the planning doc, to have scientific factors.

Overall, 80% of the participants declared that they would prefer a vaginal birth, if they could opt for route of delivery. Preference for CS was higher among younger women; almost 35% of those < 25>35 years (Table 1). Similarly, the proportion of women with lower education who preferred CS was significantly higher than those with higher education (20.5% versus 13.4%). Women with a previous delivery were more likely to prefer vaginal delivery than those without any deliveries (82.3% versus 77.3%). Within the group of over 500 women with previous births, those without a previous CS were even more likely to prefer a vaginal delivery than women who had undergone at least one previous CS (94.2% versus 60.0%, respectively).

The three rd declaration for the high proportion regarding arrangement (75.2%) for preferring a genital birth was your woman know she you are going to handle the pain sensation inside. Most other statements with high pricing out of arrangement (whenever 70%) was that vaginal delivery was an even more absolute, non-medical, way of bringing, so it leftover zero mark and that it is actually faster painful throughout the post-partum period. A relatively shorter amount of participants (64%) prominent a vaginal delivery because husband will be establish otherwise because it produced breastfeeding much easier. Fewer than half (41.2%) of one’s members decided you to its taste getting a vaginal birth are whilst desired them to has actually a bigger level of babies than just CS.

Whenever forty% agreed which they prominent a beneficial CS since it desired a more quickly come back to sexual passion, or because they had good records regarding family who’d lead through this channel or while they by themselves got an earlier CS

Certainly feminine preferring a great CS, 77% firmly arranged or decided that they dreaded the pain from delivery and you will 74.5% firmly concurred otherwise decided that a real reason for preferring CS is actually the handiness of arranging the new birth (Shape dos). Nearly two-thirds (64%) of your own ladies who common a CS strongly agreed otherwise agreed that the channel of birth is secure with the mom and you may so it triggered shorter suffering to your baby. Brand new declaration into lower speed of contract certainly one of women that well-known to deliver due to CS are because the healthcare offered no epidurals getting vaginal shipments (thirty-two.3%).