The new era of Silicoin – How to play MetaHero GameFi with SIT?

Updated: Apr 21 MetaHero is a fine game that combines hero synthesis, character upgrade, stand defense, and earn while playing, with the background of defending the human tribe and defending against monster attacks. In the game, players can buy treasure chests and complete level defense to […]


The new era of SAGD, join forces with Silicoin!

Many people have questions about SAGD. What is it? SAGD with Star Wars as the theme, made up of many a star, the stars against world view and it integrates the planet civilization construction, management, operations and community content of virtual survival, etc… using an […]


The bridge between Silicoin and Binance Smart Chain has been done by FuturesCash

Over the past decade, blockchain and Defi have become increasingly popular, with disruptive use cases in almost every domain. To reach its full potential, the cryptocurrency community must find solutions to certain persistent problems: Scalability Interoperability Inter-chain communication Because different blockchain cannot communicate, users cannot […]


BlueArk (BRK) metaverse platform explores the road of innovation

BlueArk metaverse platform (BRK) , a combination of offline and online development, has been increasingly recognized by the market. Metaverse concept store in Hong Kong, many people make an appointment to visit every day. Innovation is the driving force for the project to become great. […]