What is Greedland? What is David’ CUP NFT?

What is Greedland? What is David’ CUP NFT?   Welcome to Greedland!  We’re bringing the most innovative WEB 3 ideas to the football field.  Our mission is to integrate the traditional and passionate football world into the new wave of the blockchain.   That’s right, […]


NFT Addictions – Towards the World, Towards the Future

In recent years, Chinese digitization process has accelerated again, and digital art based on blockchain technology has become a new outlet for the wave of digital economy. NFT Addictions is a member standing on the tuyere. Recently, NFT Addictions said that they will gradually integrate […]


X Force set up a Quant Trading Lab focus on crypto trading

In recent years, quantitative (quant) trading has gone from mysticism to being part of the everyday vocabulary of capital markets. The rapid proliferation of algorithmic trading together with trends such as machine learning has some experts thinking that every trading fund will eventually become a quant fund. […]


X Force Foundation established a lab focus on cryptocurrency mining

Since cryptocurrencies are in a bear market cycle, crypto enthusiasts’ investment choices have gradually returned to mining coins that pursue Bitcoin’s primitivism. In view of this, X FORCE FOUNDATION decided to set up a special team to focus on participating in the testnet and mainnet […]